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Enterprise Culture

the brand image of Bodisen had verified a modern philosopher who once said correctly: ¡°If an enterprise has culture ,just like a man has thought, thus forward-looking step can take ahead bravely¡±.culture ,therefore , as a resource ,it was regarded as the soul of enterprise &the system of nucleus value by Bodisen. Meanwhile, it had also permeated the enterprise operation activities into various aspects .thus ,it established Bodisen special enterprise culture.

Enterprise belief £º based on the creativity of human resources,establish a good reputation by the honest conducts

Spirit concept £ºPractice Innovation Dedication Surpassing

Working concept £ºconsciousness initiative communication standard

Sales concept £ºbear innumerable trials and tribulations
Go into numerous households
Speak out thousands of words
Think of every possible means

Operation concept £ºsales around market
Management around sales
Production around sales
Administration around sales

Encouraged qualities £ºLoyalty Responsibility Thinking Development Love Yangling

Enterprise motto £º walk full of frustrations, Take a lot of hardship for living ,People should be honest ,do everything should be serious


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